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EU TEN-T Core Network Corridor

The Finnish Mainline is the Northern Corridor of Europe

The Finnish Mainline is a part of the Trans-European Transport Core Network (TEN-T). With the Connecting Europe Facility 2 coming into effect in the Spring of 2021, the European Commission proposal of the North Sea Baltic Core Network Corridor being extended through Finland to the harbour of Luleå, Sweden is also being enacted. The Finnish Mainline is thus on its way to becoming a northern Core Network Corridor of the TEN-T. This will increase the importance of the Mainline and strengthen its chances of receiving EU-funding.


The Mainline is the backbone of Finnish rail transport

On a national level the Mainline is the bloodline of Finnish transport. The areas surrounding the Mainline house half of Finland’s population and generate 2/3 of GDP. The Mainline is home to the country’s busiest passenger and freight transport lines. Securing operations on the Mainline is essential for the future of Finland.

The railway lines joining the Mainline connect it to every corner of the country.


As a Core Network Corridor, the Mainline increases its chances for receiving EU funding

CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) is an EU funding instrument for transport, energy and digital infrastructure projects.

For the funding period 2021-2027 a total of 30,6 billion euros has been allocated for CEF transport funding. Finnish projects can apply for funding from the general envelope (10 B €) or from the military mobility envelope (1,5 B €).

As a Core Network Corridor, the Finnish Mainline’s possibility of receiving CEF funding has increased. In order to receive funds during the new funding period, preparations for the Mainline development project must be started without delay.


The Finnish Mainline Group

The Finnish Mainline Group advances the cause of the Finnish Mainline both on a national level and internationally. The Group consists of 11 regions, major cities, and representatives of industry. The group, chaired by the Council of Tampere Region, has been operating since 2014.

Additional information:

Mainline Group Chair
Anna-Mari Ahonen
Region Mayor
Council of Tampere Region
+358 50 572 0945

Mainline Group Deputy Chair
Olli Kiviniemi
Manager, Civil Engineering
Council of Oulu Region
+358 40 685 4017

Mainline Group Secretary
Jouni Koskela
Manager, Regional Promotion
Council of Tampere Region
050 527 2129

Tampere Region EU Office
Hannele Räikkönen


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